Spring Break 2021 Outfit Inspiration

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Heading out?

Yana Dee has the right stuff to get you there and back safe and in style! To save you some serious browse time, we have compiled the best clothing and accessories for Spring Break 2021 right here. Click any image for more product info!

Not just for tea time anymore...

A tea length wrap skirt is the perfect thing for spring break! All of Yana Dee's "tea length" wrap skirts are lightweight, all natural, and breathable, so you can feel the air on your legs without showing them to everyone. This is ideal if you prefer more modesty, or if you want to shave, wax, tan, or tone before baring more of your body to the public eye. It's not too long though, perfect for beach walking. These skirts are also ideal because they are very adjustable, so whether you bulk up on a buffet, or slim down from swims and smoothies, your skirt will fit just as well at the end of the trip, as it did at the beginning. Also important: they are just so pretty! Plus, you can definitely re-wear a wrap skirt without washing it... extra bonus travel points for that fact!  

That oughta wet your whistle for a new wrap skirt. Click here to shop all wrap skirts before you decide which one you need right now.

Top it Off


Wrap skirts are great, but they aren't exactly an outfit. What you need is a new top to go with it! The Arvada Top or the Bailey Bra are your best spring break options. We just happen to have fresh new colors in both styles! These tops are made from Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra Jersey, which is such an amazing fabric, I wrote a whole blog about out. TLDR: you want this fabric on your skin

For tops, I've shown you the best; click here to see the rest before you decide what to put in your cart.

When the sun goes down...

Wherever in the world you find yourself, the temperature usually drops with the sun. A French Terry layer is perfect to transition your outfit from day to eve. The Alexandra Duster and the Alex Shrug are both super classy, yet casual enough for travel.


Looking for something else to layer? Click here for more options.

Must Have Accessories for Travel


Keep your style game strong with a throwback scrunchie or a sweet new braided headband. Either of these items will spruce up your travel hair in a snap! Oh, and don't forget your masks... we have a cool new Light Blue Chambray Mask that blends right in with just about any spring outfit. 


Masks for the whole family! Click here for all mask sizes and styles. 

Now that you've got your outfit picked out, you are ready for anything!

Stay stylish, stay safe, and make sure you tag @yanadeeshop in your Yana Dee Spring Break Outfit on Instagram or Facebook.

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