Wardrobe Reset Step 1: Start with the Basics

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At Yana Dee, we believe a good wardrobe is empowering!

When you can confidently say "I'm all set" when it comes to your clothing, it frees you up to focus on other important parts of life.

Mid-winter (now) is a great time to assess your basics, aka your base layers, intimates, or under layers. These garments are the foundation for every outfit's success. Even when you invest in quality basics, you are still going to have to cleanse ripped, stained, stretched out, and unloved pieces from your collection periodically. Items in good condition can usually be donated; fiber recycling is a good option instead of trash. When you are in the habit of regularly checking base with your basics, your restock shop can be quick and easy. Use this list for reference when assessing your shopping needs.

Abby Recommends:

3-10 Bras

Exactly how many bras you need really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you don’t consider a bra “good”, don’t allow it in your life. If you are just getting started on Yana Dee Bras, I recommend a Black Butter and a Natural Bailey to begin. These two pieces will be a great layer in about 80% of your outfits. You can wear Yana Dee bras as a bra, or as an extra layer between your bra and a shirt, or wear it as your shirt. After you get a feel for the fabric and style, you will probably want to add more options to your collection. Once you get into custom made base layers, the possibilities are almost endless!

6-20 Underwear

Just like bras, only keep "good" undies in your lifeThere is nothing like a fresh set of underwear to show yourself some love! I say you should have about twice as many pairs of underwear as bras, but what do I know. Yana Dee makes and sells 95% Organic Cotton Brief and Bikini Underwear. There is no reason to pick and stick with a favorite style...you might love both!

7 Legging Layers

Seven is a minimum suggestion; if a fitted pant layer is a regular part of your every day wardrobe, you will probably want even more. Since this category is so broad, let me break it down a little further for you. Make sure you have at least one of each length.

Biker Shorts

Begin a pair of Sammi Short. They add a helpful layer of modesty and warmth to any outfit, for any activity, in any weather. Pair with matching underwear for additional modesty. Wear biker shorts while riding a bike, horse, or carnival rides; doing cartwheels, swing dancing, walking, or sleeping. You can even wear them for warmth under other pants. I did not know how much I loved biker shorts until I tried a pair!

Fitted Capris

Ease through the seasons with a mid-length legging option. I think this is a good piece to go “light” on the color, because it can brighten up an outfit in the spring when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you want it to be yet. Light Gray or Natural are my top color suggestions fitted Capri leggings in a well-rounded wardrobe.

Classic Leggings

You need at least one pair of Black Wool and one pair of Black Butter to be “set” on leggings. If leggings are a big part of your wardrobe, you are going to need more. Many, many more.

7 Undershirts


Undershirts are an extremely important and really under-rated base layer. When thoughtfully selected, undershirts add the perfect amount of coverage, comfort, style, and warmth to your outfit. Long sleeve undershirts quickly turn a summer dress into a winter jumper. Even if you don't show your arms to the public, a sleeveless undershirt completes many outfits under cardigans, dusters, sweaters, and more. The Yana Dee tops that work well for undershirts can absolutely be worn as your outer layer if the temperature is right. You can also wear an undershirt instead of a bra, if you just want a touch of coverage, without any support. For these tops, I recommend whatever colors you love to show near your face. Here are Yana Dee's four best undershirts. Make sure you have at least one of each for a well rounded starter set.

Arvada Top. 

The sleeveless Arvada Top is made out of Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra Jersey. I recommend getting an Arvada Top that matches your Sammi Shorts.

Aubrey Tank.

The Aubrey Tank is a stretchy fleece sleeveless shirt. It's like a vest, for the inside. It keeps your core warmer. Use it to start virtually any winter outfit!

Maggie or Monika Top.

Both of these lightweight options have long, semi-fitted sleeves, making them an ideal shirt to layer under vests, or nearly anything else. The Monika Top has a loose turtleneck detail; the Maggie Top has a simple scoop neckline.

Karen Top.

This top will please almost anyone! The Karen Top is stretchy, fitted and never going out of style. When you need a shirt to warm you up without slowing you down, you can rely on the Karen Top. The 7% Merino Wool content adds some breathability to this mostly bamboo fleece top.

That's it, that's the list.

Somewhere between bare minimalism and wasteful excess is your optimal wardrobe. I hope I can help you curate and maintain a clothing collection that works for you! If this list inspires you to clean out your closet and shop for some undergarment refreshments, let me know how it goes. I would be happy to help you add a custom basics collection to your Yana Dee shopping cart!


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