Yana Dee Size Details

Versatile Sizes

One of the guiding principals of Yana Dee's design process is to create clothing that is versatile, and this means versatile sizing! You will find that these clothes will still look nice if you gain or lose a few pounds. Many styles use stretchy fabrics (especially for waist bands) and wrap or faux-wrap designs, that will fit many women who don't look like the "same size."

Tips on Size Selection

Only pay attention to the measurements that are relevant to the item you are considering. For example, don't worry about your bust measurement when ordering a skirt. Wrap dresses and skirts can accommodate just about any hip measurement. 

Also consider how you want an item to fit. Are you looking for a fitted top that will go under other layers? Are you looking for something loose and cozy? Deciding when and where you want to wear an item may help you choose the right size for you.

Ready to Ship Stock Sizes

Some Yana Dee products are "Ready to ship" directly from our store in Traverse City Michigan. These products are available in our stock sizes, which vary by the type of item. Ready to ship dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, and most tunics are available in size Small/Medium and Medium/Large. Some items, like hooded coats and thicker tunics are available in Small, Medium, and Large. There will be some variation in how different items of the same size fit, because of design, fabric, and other factors. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions about selecting the right size for you.

Custom Sizes

Some Yana Dee products are "Custom Made" or "Made to Order." This means the item doesn't exist until you order it! Even if you order a standard size (like "XL"), Yana will pull down the bolt of fabric in the color you choose, and cut out your dress, top, or skirt, just for you! This gives you a unique opportunity to have your clothing item made just the way you like it. We can add up to 4" to the length of most pieces free of charge, and are happy to take inches off as well. Maybe you have longer than average arms. Maybe you have a shorter torso and longer legs. Maybe you like your tops with extra waist coverage. Whatever your adjustment is, just leave a note to the item before you add it to your shopping cart. Always send a message before ordering if you have questions about adjustments!