Fabric for Spring + Fall: Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra Jersey

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Hemp fiber makes amazing fabric. Like any other fabric that has Hemp on the ingredients list, Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra Jersey (we'll call it "Hemp Lycra Jersey" for short) boasts highly desirable qualities. Hemp fiber is:

  • Durable - It holds up to active and frequent wear
  • Machine washable - It softens with washing
  • Antimicrobial & Antifungal - Perfect for active wear and travel
  • UV resistant - Great for line drying and summer wear
  • Breathable - Comfortable and healthy for your skin

  • The Hemp Lycra Jersey we use is blended with organic cotton, which makes it softer than pure hemp would be. The Lycra adds a bit of stretch, which makes this fabric so versatile! You will find this fabric throughout our products, from headband backings, to kids and adult dress bodices, to scarves, and waistbands on skirts and pants. 

    What to Wear (Hemp Lycra Edition) 

    Base Layers: Hemp Lycra Jersey is great for base layers and active wear. We love this bra top and capri legging combo!  Given the odor resistance, versatility, comfort, and easy care of these items, together they make it easy to pack light for travel. This set is the perfect base layer for touring Europe, backpacking and hiking close to home, or doing a winter yoga retreat somewhere warm. But don't save them for a special trip; you will want to wear these comfortable and casual layers every day of your average week. 

    Dresses: Hemp Lycra Jersey gives you good coverage, because it is more dense and a little thicker than our other stretchy jersey fabrics. This means it covers your underwear and bra lines better than many other fabrics will. We want you to feel confident living your life, not worrying about your wardrobe. 

    The Fredrika Dress (the first dress above) is the perfect, basic dress for working professionals. It looks really good (like, you can even dress it up for a Fall or Winter wedding). But more importantly, it is comfortable and active. So whether you are a realtor showing houses, presenting on stage for a nonprofit fundraiser, teaching the kiddos, or bossing the board room, this dress will do it's job so you can do yours. 

    The Fable Wrap Dress (middle dress above) is a mini dress for people that don't wear short dresses! With leggings and boots, showing some (covered) leg feels fun, but not exposed. Even if you are fuller figured, you may be surprised when you feel tall and confident in this outfit. The skirt has a bit of flare, which gives good shape without hugging too tight.

    The Tessa Wrap (last dress above) is a sporty, minimal dress. This cut is a favorite of many ladies that have a straight body type; but since it has stretch, it can work just as well with a few curves! It is pencil and fitted, so the key to this piece is confidence. With the good coverage of Hemp Lycra Jersey, this dress does not feel "skimpy" like other mini dresses sometimes do.


    With a full range of colors, Hemp Lycra Jersey will surely fit into your wardrobe. All the items featured in this blog can be custom made to order, which means you can pick whatever color (from the above pallet) you like, and we'll make something just for you! 

    Our current color selection for Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra includes: Rouge (like a brick red), Pink, Brick (a muted orange), Orange, Olive Green, Teal, Blue, Navy, Purple, Indigo, Natural (off-white), Gray, Brown, and Black.

    How does Hemp Lycra Jersey compare to other Hemp & Organic Cotton blends?

    Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece: Hemp Lycra Jersey is much lighter weight than Hemp Fleece. This means it is better for all seasons wear, and is a great base layer. It has to be pretty chilly to want to wear Hemp Fleece; Hemp Lycra Jersey is useful all year round

    Hemp & Organic Cotton Jersey: The difference here is the Lycra; we love Hemp Jersey for wrap skirts and loose tops, but the Lycra makes it possible to use Hemp Lycra Jersey for fitted things like waistbands and bra tops. The weight and coverage are comparable.

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