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It's time to say "goodbye" to throw away fashion trends. Fast fashion clothing companies try and convince us that we should be following every constantly changing trend, so we always have to buy more to have a good wardrobe. Well, I don't believe it! I encourage you to set the resolution this year to buy clothes that you really like, whether they are trending or not. Daily life is more fun and fulfilling when clothes are comfortable. When we find beauty in ourselves, personal style can be body positive for anyone. I decided to write about these five fashion trends I hope you follow, because I want you to find more joy in your clothing in 2023, than ever before.

1. Don't wait to lose weight.

I hear it far too often working at a clothing boutique in downtown Traverse City, a woman saying "I'd look cute in that if I was skinny" or "I'll buy that when I lose 10 lbs" or some other version of "I don't deserve nice things because of my weight". Nothing could be further from the truth! We have only one certain life to live, and it is happening now, at this weight. You won't be a better (or worse) or more (or less) deserving person if you gain (or lose) any amount of weight.

Yana Dee strives to always stock some clothes for every size body. And, if we don't have your size in stock, most designs can be custom made to order from your measurements. You don't even have to select your "size". To help you focus on something other than circumference, take the time to describe your personal style goals with words that don't reference weight. Try these adjectives on for size instead: sophisticated, fun, goth, sporty, boho, urban, vintage, funky, minimalist, preppy, professional. 

2. Wear Something BIG

Fashion is not about trying to disappear. Let your wardrobe help you take up space with an overstuffed winter jacket, dramatic sun hat (not in the theater, darling), or statement heals. Don't be afraid to add volume to your presence with a big skirt, shawl, or bell sleeves. It's not just about the size of a garment; bold prints and colors make your outfit more noteworthy, too. If what you are wearing gives kind people smiles, I think you are doing something right. Your value as a person isn't attached to your weight, so stop worrying so much what the stripes "add". If you are ready to try some bold prints from Yana Dee, try "Summer of Love", "Wednesday," and "Cat Print".

3. Looks beyond looks

If there is ONE fashion trend I hope you follow this year, it is to be proud of where your clothes came from! What your clothes look like is only part of the statement they make.

If you want to join the #carewhatyouwear trend now, start asking the following these questions when shopping for clothes (or anything, really):

  • Who made this?
  • Where was this made?
  • Who profits from this sale?
  • What is this made from?
  • How was this dyed?

4. Build a body-positive fashion scene

Fashion culture has the potential to celebrate our differences, unite our experiences, and express our individuality. You can help steer the conversation around clothing in a happy direction, by being careful with what you say to others about their appearance. Both in-person and online, take the time to compliment, kindly. When you comment on someone else's look or style, remember that they (and bystanders) might not share social and cultural norms with you. For this reason, aim to be clear, positive, and specific. Examples of good things to say are "I love the pattern on your scarf" and "your flowy skirt is so beautiful" and "the colors in your outfit are great".

Avoid comments that focus on features of the person's body. Don't say "that dress looks great on you because you are so skinny." Also, don't say "that top makes your boobs look big." (If you have close friends where respect and consent are part of the conversation, this type of comment might be appropriate in private). Avoid backhanded comments like "you look so much better than you did last year" or "you look great even though you've put on weight". Saying literally nothing would be way better. 

5. Try some DIY

If you've been on social media in the past decade, you probably noticed that DIY anything is basically a forever trend. We'll happily get on that bandwagon! DIY fashion is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and make a highly personalized fashion statement. Whether you venture to make some clothing from scratch, or rework an existing piece, you can make your own wearables! You will get to have the best answer to compliments: "Thanks, I made it!"

Altering clothes can take a garment from unwearable, to comfortable. One of my favorite recent DIY's was cutting off the top of a linen dress (it was too tight in the shoulders), to make a loveable slip-on skirt. You don't even need a sewing machine for some DIY clothing & accessory projects. Use thrifted, gifted, and old clothes you already own to keep your DIY fashion projects eco-friendly and economical. Go ahead and cut that slit, sew that button, repair that rip. For inspiration, tutorials, or patterns, you can find handmade communities & businesses online.

Thanks for reading my blog! ❤️Abby🌹

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