Yana Dee Team


Yana Dee and her mom Viki, waste reduction extraordinaire, scrap sorter, scarf maker.I grew up on Northern Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. From early on I had an overwhelming desire to create and compose the materials and space around me. Being home-schooled allowed me to engage with wonderful mentors that helped me discover the potential I had to create. 

My childhood and ongoing obsession with clothing has had little to do with taste and trends, but instead a fascination of how they transform the way I look and feel. My earliest sources of inspiration were a well-stocked dress up barrel, an assortment of dolls, my sisters and my roller skates (you have to be able to move in what you’re wearing!)

In my last year as an art and design student at Finlandia University I finally discovered the fiber studio. Although I enjoyed working with many materials and forms of art, it was designing with textiles that felt very natural and accessible.

I have always enjoyed making things that people use or wear, and as I began selling my pieces, I was able to share this pleasure with others. So with a vintage Viking sewing machine I had been given for my 13th birthday I started sewing skirts and tops, then scarves and bags. I did some local craft shows and a few music festivals. Soon, a couple of local shop owners offered to carry my work and a business was born.

Now over 10 years and 10,000 yards of material later, I am equipped with industrial sewing machines and a diverse pallet of materials. I am now wonderfully engaged in designing and creating accessible, unique and beautiful items for everyday use and wear.


Whether calling to ask about a custom order, or dropping by the shop to see what is new, the store team is here for you! Our integrated and tight knit team all have hands in custom service, shipping, social media, and more. 

Our current store team: Abby (Manager), Courtny, Corrina, and Rose


There is heavy crossover between the Yana Dee store and studio staff. We love this! There are production decisions to be made every week, like what colors, sleeve styles, and fabrics to use. Our store staff can hear directly from visitors, and take the details of what people are loving lately right to the studio a day or two later. It helps us reduce waste to only make what people want.

We can't talk about the studio team without talking about Yana's mom! In the only satellite Yana Dee studio, Viki has a sewing machine up at her home in the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan. She is an expert scrap-sorter, and makes all the infinity scarves. She is at the core of waste reduction and the Peace by Piece collection of accessories.


We have had many models over the years! We couldn't do it without you.