Wonderfully Warm Winter Wool - Handmade by People Who Live Where the Air Hurts Your Face

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We wear the clothes we make.

We live where it gets really cold and we like to be warm. That is why we love wool so much. Not only is it super warm, it is also breathable (so you don't get sticky if you sweat a little). Wool wicks moisture like magic, so it will keep you warm even if you get a little damp. If you think about it, that makes sense because wool is what keeps sheep warm and dry even in freezing rain, but doesn't overheat easily either. 

Zero-Waste, Upcycled Wool Products

As an ethical apparel company, we aim to keep our fabrics eco-friendly. Wool fits right into our ethos, because it is renewable, biodegradable, yet still very long lasting. Because it is so long lasting, it is a great candidate for up-cycling; we turn old wool sweaters that are near the end of their life, into super cute and functional "sweater skirts", headbands, and arm warmers. By up-cycling, we extend the valuable life of wool.

Upcycled Sweater Skirt  Salvaged Wool Arm Warmer & Headband

Modern Meets Classic

A newer favorite fabric for winter is classic Merino Wool blended with Bamboo to make fleece. The result is both warm and super soft. The Long Janes and Top from this fabric are absolutely essential for cold weather women. We just started making the bottoms in late Fall 2018, and they are already a staff favorite. Trust us, they are everything you dreamed of in a winter legging. Super stretchy, super soft, and fitted but not constricting. Win win win win win Winter! If you are looking for something a little more "feminine", we also turn this cozy fabric into a cute little wrap dress.

Merino Base Layer Top Merino Wool Leggings Merino Wrap Dress

Shop All Yana Dee Wool

Ready to stock up for winter? Click here to shop all wool clothing & accessories by Yana Dee. We have a lot of accessories, and some great clothes to choose from. Is there a wool item you think we should make? Go ahead and leave a comment, we love to hear customer feedback!

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