Fall & Winter Favorites from Yana Dee - Guest Blog by Rose Soma

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When it comes to fall and winter fashion, comfort is a must.

It’s cold, snowy, and there’s nothing like putting on a warm, cozy outfit to face the harsh weather. Sadly, it’s time to say “see you later” to our favorite Yana Dee summer dresses (if you love yours as much as I do, it probably needs a little break anyway), and say hello to long sleeves and Bamboo fleece!

To get me through this fall and winter, I’ve styled a couple outfits using my favorite Yana Dee pieces.

Rose Soma in Orange Yana Dee Top

This first top was definitely my go-to this fall; nothing beats this burnt orange color! The long sleeves and drape neckline are simple and flattering, easily dressed up or down. I wore it with jeans, a leather belt, and my favorite suede booties. Doesn’t it compliment the leaves perfectly?!

Rose Soma in Merino Fleece Yana Dee Top

I’ll never forget when I picked out my first Yana Dee Merino Wool piece. This long sleeve, scoop neck staple is incredibly warm and cozy. It’s stretchy and easy to wear, and the inside truly feels like no other shirt. It quickly became one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to wear it with my favorite gray beanie throughout the winter! It also goes quite well with my absolute favorite earrings; salvaged leather teardrops by Yana Dee as well.

One of a Kind Grayscale Patchwork Handkerchief Dress by Yana Dee

This next dress is my ultimate favorite, for all seasons. In the summer, I wear it with sandals, and in the winter, I just layer it up! This time, I paired it with a black turtleneck, jeans, and black booties, but it’s also great with leggings, high socks & tall boots!

Yana Dee Bamboo & Organic Cotton Wrap Skirt

This final piece is another one that’s great throughout the year; my go-to wrap skirt. I paired it with a simple long black sleeve top and leather boots. The skirt is warm enough on its own for fall, and then in the winter I’d just layer up with leggings or tights!

There you have it; my favorite Yana Dee pieces for fall and winter! Thanks for reading, I hope you head over to Yana Dee to amp-up your wardrobe for this winter! Stay warm!

Rose Soma, Guest Blogger

Editors Note: Rose was an intern at Yana Dee in 2018. We were sew happy she came to work with us for the summer! She is an inspiring contemporary clothing designer, specializing in up-cycled, one of a kind pieces (both ready-to-wear and custom made). 


Check out Rose's website at rosesoma.com

Follow Rose on Instagram: @rosemariesoma

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