Bamboo Fleece for the Winter Win!

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We have a lot of great fabrics in use here at Yana Dee. Fabric is the main ingredient in our fashion recipes that make our clothes so long-lasting, nice to wear, and eco-friendly. It's tough to name "the best," but I would dare to nominate our 100% Bamboo Fleece as one candidate. 

First of all, yes! Bamboo can be made into a textile. This vigorous plant requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow, is completely renewable, and provides an abundance of usable oxygen to our atmosphere. As a textile, it is wonderfully breathable and insulating. It's also in the top-running for being the softest textile on the planet (just ask us, we wear it all the time!).

Our bamboo fleece takes these wonderful qualities to another level. The outside of this fabric has a lustrous sheen that is quite elegant. The inside is the fleecy side, and you've never felt something like it before! Unlike a lot of fleece fabrics that are stiff, our bamboo fleece has a beautiful drape, so we can create flattering pieces like the Valora Dress Coat and classic wrap skirts. Vegans and those with wool allergies: this fabric is calling your name! You can stay warm in the winter without lowering your standards. 

Since we love this fabric so much, we have loads of styles made out of it. Read on to learn about my personal favorites.

I bought my sister a pair of the Rose Marie lounge pants last year, and haven't seen her wear any other pair since. Her review: "It feels like two warm clouds are billowing around my legs."

The Valora Dress Coat was my first Yana Dee purchase years ago, and I treasured it for its flattering fit and how it made me feel like an elvish princess. After our long ride together, it's now in my mending pile awaiting some patches so I can continue our adventures. 

My personal bamboo fleece go-to right now is the Ramona Wrap Robe. I wrap myself up in this ultra-cozy piece in the morning to start my day, and in the evening when I'm winding things down. It's also my favorite travel garment: I wear it on long car rides instead of a jacket to regulate my temperature. It's like wearing a blanket (a personal fashion dream of mine) but looks SO much better!

Vegan Bamboo Fleece Robe Wrap

I can't go without mentioning a skirt: the Anise mini wrap skirt is also in my collection. I pair it with a chunky sweater, thick printed leggings, and my winter boots for a super cute, cold-weather climate look (gotta find some way to integrate appropriate winter footwear into my outfits).

Bottom line: bamboo fleece does not disappoint. Hopefully you now have some great Christmas gift ideas, and a wish list of your own! 

Courtny, Proud Yana Dee Seamstress & Sales Gal

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