Stop Following These 3 Outdated Fashion Rules

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Fashion Rules can help simplify decision making, but when a rule gets in the way of comfort or function, it is time to ditch it. Read on for 3 rules that are ready to retire.

  1. Rule to Retire: You have to be thin as a rail and flawless to show any skin. 
    Sometimes it is hot out. Rose Ticking Summer Pocket DressSometimes you want to try a new style. Skin loves to breathe, and will be healthier if you let it feel some fresh air from time to time. There isn't a certain age, weight, cellulite, birthmark, varicose vein, or scar level that makes your skin suddenly off limits. I'm not advocating showing more than you are comfortable with, but please stop hiding your body at the expense of your own comfort because you think you are "supposed to."

    Instead: Try baring just one new area at a time. Staying partially covered may help you feel safe letting something show for the first time in a while, and balance always looks good. Let your shoulders and arms out in a sleeveless Relaxed Fit Pocket Dress with leggings; to let your knees breathe, try tall boots and a Short Ruffle Skirt or Monochrome Wrap Dress.

  2. Custom Made Organic Cotton French Terry Dress Coat in PurpleRule to Retire: Hoods aren't allowed.
    Sure, a hood will probably never fit in at a black tie event, but you can wear a hood and still be classy. In fact, using a thoughtful hood can help you look your best, by protecting your hair and makeup from wind and drizzle. Arriving disheveled because you follow this silly rule is the real faux pas. If you read in a housekeeping magazine 20 years ago that anyone over 20 shouldn't wear a hood, remember that rules change, and this one sure has.

    Instead: Try a hood on a sophisticated design, like a lightweight Hooded Cardigan made from Hemp & Organic Cotton, or a mid-weight french terry Hooded Dress Coat. I love hoods on a Lightweight Tunic Dress. If you are wondering if a hood is "dressy enough", just keep it on your outer layers.

  3. Rule to Retire: Certain colors are reserved for certain seasons.  
    Green Ruffle Wrap DressYou don't need to have a boring selection to have a simple collection of go-to clothes. How you style staple pieces will carry them through the year. For example, an Off-White Sleeveless Top is perfect under a red wool cardigan for holiday parties, or with denim shorts in July. Pair a Leaf Green Dress with floral layers for Spring, simple sandals for Summer, boots and browns for Autumn, and white for Winter. Color rules are made up to get you to buy more stuff, and to exclude people not in the know, or not able to afford four wardrobes. 

    Instead: Keep wearing your favorite basics all year round. You may not wear a down jacket in July, but you you can wear a "summer dress" layered with leggings, boots, and a jacket in every other season. Get creative with layering and color pairing to get the most out of what you have and love. When shopping, think about how you would style each item all year round.

    Is there a fashion rule you used to follow but have let go of? Let us know in the comments!

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