Hemp Fleece - What it is and why we love it

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We are sew excited to reveal the Fall 2018 line of Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece designs by Yana Dee. Having the right winter wardrobe is essential if you want to stay happy when temperatures drop!

Studio Picture: Yana Dee Custom Color Hemp Fleece Fabric Bolts in Red, Purple, and TealHemp Fleece is a warm, comfortable, and surprisingly underutilized fabric. It isn't readily available to purchase in many colors. That is why we had custom colors made. Yana spent a long time staring at color swatches, asking other people's opinions, and reflecting on years of wearing and selling clothes. She decided on three fun, bold colors (plus black, of course!) that we think will work for everyone. These colors are flattering to a range of skin tones, easy to match with, pair well together, and have stood the test of time as classic fashion colors (not "hot-this-season" fad colors.) To get these custom colors, we had to get a lot of fabric! We are well stocked with Red, Purple, Teal, and Black, and we are ready to make your custom order.




What is Hemp Fleece?

Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece (we call it Hemp Fleece for short) is a heavyweight, all natural, vegan fabric. Fleece is any fabric that resembles the natural wool coat on sheep; it is thick and has little air pockets that hold warmth. Natural means that that there is nothing man-made in this material. Many fleece fabrics are made from polyester. The fleece we use is made from plants, with a fiber content of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. Vegan means that there are no animal products in this fabric.

Qualities of Hemp Fleece

Hemp Fleece boast an amazing combination of qualities you wont find in in any synthetic or animal based fabric. 

  • Hemp Fleece is soft and non-irritating. Even if you aren't a vegan, you still might not like wool if you are sensitive or allergic to it. I have never heard of hemp fleece irritating anyone. If you have ever found hemp fabrics "scratchy" or "itchy", you should know that hemp fleece feels much softer than hemp denim or hemp jersey. Hemp Fleece is very soft. (You should also know that the texture of these other wonderful hemp fabrics will soften as you wash and wear them!)
  • Hemp Fleece is breathable. The natural fibers allow moisture and air to flow, which is healthy for your skin and feels more comfortable than sweaty, stuffy polyester fleece.
  • Hemp Fleece gets to know you. As you wear a piece of Hemp Fleece clothing, the natural fibers warm up and become more pliable. The fabric conforms to your shape, making a nice fit that still allows you to move. When shopping for Hemp Fleece clothes in person, or receiving a custom item in the mail, you want it to be a tad tight at first; it will warm up to you!
  • Hemp Fleece is durable & long lasting. Hemp is a strong, long fiber. Additionally, it is anti-microbial and UV resistant. Hemp clothes will last through years of frequent wear and regular wash. The outside of Hemp Fleece does not pill. Hemp Fleece also takes very well to seam repairs and patches as needed.

Environmental Impact of Fleece

Most fleece is made from polyester. There are many environmental reasons that the Hemp Fleece is better than polyester fleece.

  • Polyester fleece breaks down as you wash it. Maybe you've heard about a little problem with plastic in our oceans? Plastic microfibers pollute water every time polyester fleece is washed. Microfibers are more pervasive than microbeads, which are banned in the USA because of how bad they are. To learn more about the connection between your wardrobe and the world's water quality, click here for a great article published by The Gaurdian.
  • Yana Dee Hemp Fleece custom colors were achieved with low-impact dyes. Toxic dyes are harmful to water systems, the people that dye fabric, and can even irritate your skin when you wear dyed clothes.
  • You can compost Hemp Fleece. It is way beyond "commercially compostable"; simply chop it up and throw it in your backyard compost pile. Or use it for mulch, or at the bottom of houseplant pots. 

Why isn't Hemp grown in the USA?

The Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece we purchase and use is made in China, where the hemp is grown. We would much rather support grown and milled in the USA hemp fabric, but that simply isn't an option. Hemp can be grown with very little water, pesticides, or fertilizers. Why is Hemp banned in the USA, but microfibers aren't? We believe it is right to legalize the growing of Hemp in the USA. We applaud Winona LaDuke for her work to make this happen. Click here to learn more about Hemp as a commercial fiber, and Winona's Hemp & Heritage Farm. 

Time to Shop!

We design for the fabrics we use. Most clothing designers start with a concept, and then try to find a fabric to fit their idea. Yana and her team started with Hemp Fleece and then decided what to make. The results are incredible! We have many new designs, as well as older favorites we had to bring back in the new colors. We hope you enjoy the collection! Whether you have a custom piece made, or find us at the store or booth to shop in person, we are sure you will love your new Hemp Fleece clothing from Yana Dee.

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