The New

Yana Dee Website

Welcome to the new!

We are so happy you found our newest home on the world wide web. Some features are new, but what hasn't changed is that you can get handmade organic clothing that is functional, versatile, flattering, and comfortable. All production is supervised by the designer herself! Exciting new developments are happening with our new website.

Worldwide Reach

Being connected to the wide world is one of the exciting new feature of our website. We can now ship worldwide! In the 10 years Yana has been making custom clothing on Etsy, she has shipped not only to the US and our neighbors in Canada and Mexico, but also further south in the Americas, to Brazil and Argentina. Over 100 orders from Etsy have gone to European countries, including the UK, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, and Denmark. Yana has also shipped to some major island nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. This is a long way of saying, we are excited to be able to share Yana Dee Ethical Apparel with women all over the world.

Straightforward Customization

Okay, so we can ship internationally. What else is new? Well, it is now easier than ever to customize clothing! We have more drop-down menus on many custom items, allowing you to customize not only the color and size, but also other design details like bodice, ruffles, and skirt style, and easier than ever before. Not to mention, you can now type comments directly on each custom made item as you order it, making it so much easier to make one dress longer and one skirt shorter!




Customer Profiles

You can now sign in to place orders, but don't worry, it isn't required. This will be so helpful for those of you that know you will be back for more! It will make it easier to reference what sizes and colors you have purchased in the past. We aren't quite sure yet all the potential this will unleash... but we look forward to discovering it with you!

Streamlined Selection

It does take time to add each item and all the possible variations, so we have intentionally narrowed down our website selection to our best, proven, loved, cherished, durable, timeless, classic, basic, and favorite items. We can mix and match most of the design elements you see available, so even if you don't see it, Yana can probably make it for you! Mid length faux wrap dress with waist band, drape neck, lined bodice, and bell sleeves? Yes, we can do that. If you are looking for an item to fill a specific niche in your wardrobe, whether it is a travel top or a wedding dress, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you find what you need!

Select Items Expedited

More items than ever before are in stock and ready to ship to you in only 1-3 days. The Yana Dee Ethical Apparel storefront in Downtown Traverse City is our home base for inventory. After nearly 4 years of year-round brick-and-mortar business, we now have more items in stock than ever before. We especially like to keep accessible, essential wardrobe items in stock, like solid color sleeveless and 3/4 sleeve tops, flattering fancy silk for special occasions, easy outer layers like dress coats and cardigans, and of course, organic cotton wrap dresses and skirts. 

Informed Opinions

Our new website has a classic blog feature, which we are so excited to use. We will be sharing styling and wardrobe tips, personal experiences and opinions, links to some of our favorite products, and probably some hard to digest facts about fast fashion. Sustainable fashion design, body positivity, health, and so many other things are of interest to Yana Dee and her team. We're looking forward to providing you with unique and interesting content to ingest.

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