Sand Bird Square Dress: A Love Story

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As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to be the one.

I just had to model the Sand Bird Square Dress. 

When it arrived from the studio, the Sand Bird Square Dress instantly took my breath away. This newest addition to Yana Dee's Peace by Piece collection is absolutely a thing of beauty. I immediately knew that to do this dress justice, it must be shown to you on a human body… a mannequin or hanger simply wouldn’t do. But more than that, I just wanted to try it on! I'm not exaggerating, I was legit really excited to wear this dress, if only for a modeling moment.

On February 27th, 2021, the sunshine & schedules aligned for me to do a very quick photo shoot. It was just warm enough... but barely. In my game plan, I was going to brave bare legs long enough to get pictures of Sand Bird Square Dress. When it was go-time, it was obviously just too chilly for this to be a good idea. 

Before I slipped the dress on, I had to decide, and quickly: what to layer leggings to underneath? And as much as I love my Black Butter Bra that I was wearing that day, it’s really not a good "match" for the Sand Bird Suare Dress. I needed a solid spring base layer set ASAP. It took me about two seconds to decide: Light Gray Butter Leggings and the new Celeste Bailey Bra.

Next, to select the shoes... I quickly spread an array of potential options in front of me. After 17 years of collecting shoes for photo shoots, Yana has a few good ones to choose from. I immediately gravitated to the gray cowboy boots. Those pointy toes, next to those handkerchief dress points? Be still my heart! 

And that's when I had my Cinderella moment. I pushed, and I shoved, and I grunted, and I twisted, and I didn't care how much this shoe hurt my foot, I only had to tolerate it for a few quick minutes for the love of fashion. I wasn't Cinderella in this story though. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't get the shoe past my arc, and time was running out.

So I pivoted. The obvious second choice for footwear was the lace-up gray boots. When I say lace up, I mean lace-up only. No zipper on these bad boys. No hooks either, we're talking the most time-consuming way to secure shoes: lace eyelets. By now, it was about 9:45 (who's going to open the store at 10 am? Me! Hurry up Abby!). So instead of lacing these boots up as designed, I implemented a quick trick I learned as a kid from canoeing trips with my parents in the Keweenaw: just wrap those laces round and round the lower leg as quick as you can, and get going! 

Finally, the moment of truth. It was, at last, time to try on the Sand Bird Square Dress for the first time. It slipped on so easily (the sage bodice fabric is quite stretchy). The dress fell, neh, cascaded into place effortlessly. I looked down upon the dress, and my heart fluttered. To glance upon this dress is quite nice; to actually wear it is positively uplifting.

There is so much more I want to say about this dress, but I’m going to trust that a picture really is worth a thousand words and leave you with my favorite photos of this dress. If you too are falling in love with this dress, you can click here see more pictures and purchase it. If you want to see the entire Peace by Piece collection, including matching accessories & kids dresses, click here.

One last thing... HAPPY SPRING!


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