French Terry is the Best Terry

Yana Dee Fabric

Nothing brings outward sophistication and inward coziness like French Terry! What exactly is French Terry? It is a knit fabric with two distinct textures. The inside has loose loops or piles that make this fabric feel soft, squishy, and warm yet breathable. The outside fabric has a tighter knit that looks sophisticated. So this means you can feel like you are wearing a cozy bath robe while looking totally appropriate for public. Win-win!

French Terry comes in Yarn Dyed Dark Gray and Light Gray, and Solid Berry, Brown, Plum, Navy, Gray, and Black

Even though they have similarities, Yana Dee has two very distinct types of French Terry. They are Bamboo & Organic Cotton Yarn Dyed French Terry, and Soy & Organic Cotton French Terry. Both of these fabrics are made from natural materials. They also have a little bit of spandex, to give a nice custom fit and versatility. 

Bamboo & Organic Cotton Yarn Dyed French Terry

This very unique fabric is like nothing we have ever seen! It is pretty new to us (added to our fabric collection in 2018) and very popular so far. It only comes in two neutral colors; Dark Gray, and Light Gray. As a "Yarn Dyed" fabric, both of these options have a variegation that is interesting, makes them easy to match into your wardrobe, and even helps hide minor stains.

Because this fabric is so different than what we have seen before, Yana had to come up with entirely new designs for it once it arrived at the studio. The tried and true patterns she has created over the years just didn't translate to how unstructured this fabric is. The two clothing designs Yana and her team settled on are a 3/4 sleeve cropped sweater, and a longer pocket duster robe. Both are super flattering, versatile, and oh-so comfortable pieces that layer well, go with so many things, and will be a go-to item in your wardrobe for sure. 

Organic Cotton French Terry Sweater

And then we started with the accessories.

This fabric lends itself oh so well to cozy accessories. Not too thick, not too thin, soft, non-irritating, and the colors go well into just about any wardrobe pallet. So we made cozy hats, cozy headbands, and cozy arm warmers. All one-size-fits all, ready to ship to you.

Soy & Organic Cotton French Terry

For more structure and more color, we have the Soy & Organic Cotton French Terry. This cushy, dense fabric is perfect for leggings and other base layers, like a solid tank top or long sleeve shirt for layering, or even a bralette. It is also makes a flattering outer layer, either as a the Virginia Dress Coat, or as a classic cardigan. You will also find this fabric in things like waistbands on skirts, bodices on fall dresses, and the soft stretchy sides of our fuzzy fleece Natalie Pocket Dress.


USA Grown Cotton French Terry

We have just three items that are made from very limited edition French Terry that was grown and milled in the USA! This stuff is super special to come by, and we are excited to have these (limited) options. In addition to the two items listed below, this fabric also makes an "Easter Egg" appearance as the Black option on our ready-to-ship Kangaroo Pocket Harper Tunic



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