Yana Dee's Top 10 Dresses: Summer 2022 Edition

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Summer is well underway, and Yana Dee customers have spoken with their dollars! Based on what customers like you have purchased since the Summer Solstice of 2022, these are our most popular dresses right now. You can tell our customers have been shopping smart this summer, because all of these dresses are going to transition through seasons, years, and phases of life with ease. Keep reading to see our current Top 10 most popular dresses! If you see a dress you don't want to live without, click on the picture to start shopping now.

*Looking for a new favorite mommy-daughter dress option? Dresses with an asterisk also come in kid sizes! 

10. Dalaila Dress*

I am so happy to see this this design make the cut, because it is my personal favorite! If you have seen me out and about this Summer, there is a good chance I was wearing this dress. With a pretty and bold green and blue flower print, this organic cotton circle dress is perfect for plant ladies like me.

9. Davina Dress*

The Davina Dress is only slightly more popular than the Dalaila Dress. Featuring the exact same dress pattern, this Red, Black, Gray, and White version will admittedly transition into fall a bit better. This will be perfect with any pair of black boots, as soon as it's cold enough to wear them!

8. Black & White Araminta Dress

Talk about a classic dress, this Black & White stripe slip on dress is ready for dates, interviews, presentations, and performances. This is the perfect "everyday dress" if you are a snazzy dresser, and a great "dressing up dress" if you usually don't.

7. Blueberry Wrap Dress

This popular, classic Yana Dee wrap dress is made from mostly Hemp & Organic Cotton, making it possibly the most "sustainable" dress on this list. The ticking skirt is breathable, and has a nice subtle micro-pattern that easily hides stains and covers imperfections. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it all around town... the Blueberry Wrap Dress is ready for action!

6. Black Jasper Wrap Dress

We've been running this slightly dressier dress for a few years, and it's waned in popularity as many of our regular customers already have it! Even so, it's been very popular this summer as new people find our store in Downtown Traverse City. This is one of the most comfortable, flattering, fun, and versatile dresses imaginable!

5. Eloise Dress

Featuring a classic chambray skirt and the same fun floral print used in Yana Dee's Dalaila Dress, the Elosie Dress also has a dark band at the waist that helps this dress fit and flatter many shapes and sizes. You will want to wear this easy dress every day!

4. Rainbow Pixie Dress*

Another dress we have been doing for a while, the Rainbow Pixie Dress is unsurprisingly well loved this year too! While Red and Purple Hemp Silk Charmeuse finish the edges of this full rainbow dress with a fancy flair, the Black top makes this dress so easy to match shoes and accessories to.

3. Bluejay Wrap Dress*

Yana Dee's newest bird dress is a hit! If you have been following us for any length of time, you are probably already familiar with this "Blue Bunting" 100% Organic Cotton Bird Print fabric. We love how it pairs with Gray & Navy, and so do our customers! 

2. Sage Jasper Dress

Made from 95% Organic Cotton, this dress is super soft! It is easy to size, flattering, and works with many body types and shapes. If you are drawn to this dress, get it while you can! This limited edition color won't be available forever.

1. Marble Stripe Infinity Dress

Time and time again, in-store shoppers put this dress at the top of their list to check out. Why? Because so many people have never tried on a dress that feels and looks this good! This dress is especially popular in the M/L size. And now, this dress is finally available online! It made it to #1 on in-store sales alone, and now online shoppers like you can get one too!

Still looking for your perfect dress? We have 70+ other dresses available on our website! Click here to find your perfect dress today.

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