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If you have shopped at Yana Dee in Traverse City, perhaps you have had the great pleasure of playing dress-up with our sales person Courtney (pictured above in the classic Rainbow Pixie Dress).

We are so pleased to share the wonderful news that Courtney was recently awarded the 27th Annual Sarah Hardy Humanitarian Award. As a fierce volunteer advocate for diversity and equality, Courtney has done more than enough to earn this honorable local distinction. We are sew proud! Click here to read more about Courtney and the award.

I take it as a huge compliment to Yana Dee, as a company, that the most prominent humanitarian activist in our region this year loves working here! I guess we are doing something right.

Recently, I chatted with Courtney about their FAVORITE Yana Dee items for Summer. So without further ado, I herby transition this blog post from bragging about our staff, to bragging about our products.

Courtney's Top 5 Summer Designs

Pro Tip: Click on an image, to shop all sizes and colors of that product! The product details should open up in a new window (so you won't lose your place in this riveting fashion blog.)

5. Clare Tank Dress

Organic Cotton Circle Skirt Dress

Courtney fell in love with this dress when modeling it last summer. "This dress is a workhouse," says Courtney. I've since commandeered that phrase, and use it when I talk about my favorite little dress, the Cara Dress. But this isn't about me and what I like, it's about Courtney and Clare. 

4. Bailey Bra

Wire Free Hemp & Organic Cotton Bra Crop Top Amazing versatile made in michigan clothing

This is such a no brainer! This Bra is a shirt. With so many bright colors and neutrals to choose from, this straightforward top is all you need above the waist on a hot summer day.

3. Huron Zip Coat

Hemp & Organic Cotton Zip Coat

Sure, it's 93 degrees and humid at this moment, but the low this week in Traverse City is 48. For late nights, early mornings, and that occasional nippy day in between, the Huron Zip Coat is the only winter layer you need for Summers in Michigan.

2. Bamboo Print Pants

Remnant Cotton Bamboo Print Pants

Courtney absolutely rocks these limited edition, remnant cotton drawstring Pants! Paired with a small and simple black top (might I recommend, a Black Butter Bra), these unique pants instantly become eye-catching and stylish. I, for one, was uncertain about the merits of these pants when they first appeared from the studio; Courtney has proven to me that they are, indeed, amazing. 

1. Rainbow Pixie Dress.

Rainbow Pixie Dress by Yana Dee on Courtney Wiggins

Are you surprised the Rainbow Pixie Dress is at the top of Courtney's list? Of course not! This fun and beautiful dress will bring joyful smiles to everyone who sees it. This includes, most importantly, YOU!

Wear happy this summer :)

End blog post by Abby Rose, June 15 2022.

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