That's a Wrap! (Dress)

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Wrap Dresses are "in"

Total Teacher DressThey have been “in” since they were invented by Diane von Fürstenberg in the early ‘70s. Wrap dresses will always be in. No other dress can compare to the combined versatility, comfort, and style of a wrap dress. 

Yana Dee wrap dresses feature a unique jersey bodice for a stretchy, adjustable fit across the bust and shoulders. Some of our dresses have two layers of this fabric for more support and coverage. Either way, the flattering V-neck crosses in the front for customizable modesty and even access for nursing. And if you aren't nursing yet, these dresses are an obvious choice for maternity too. For a dressier dress, we add a V-back to the lined bodice. Fancy!

Even though they are highly versatile, not every wrap dress is suited to every occasion. If you are thinking about investing in a new handmade wrap dress from Yana Dee, read on to learn about the different styles we offer, and where to wear each one.

The Red Carpet Wrap Dress

A maxi silk wrap dress is your ticket to stealing the evening show. We like this dress best when made with a V-back for extra fanciness. You will certainly see one of these in our window display during the Traverse City Film Festival. This option is the best wrap dress for weddings, ceremonies, galas, and other formal occasions. Yana Dee can make a maxi silk dress just for you, from your measurements, with or without sleeves, with or without a band at the waist, in 5 different colors. Given all these options, this dress is a winner across seasons, ages, and sizes. 

Red Silk Maxi Dress Purple Silk Maxi Dress 

Blue Silk Maxi Dress Black Silk Maxi Wrap Dress

The Best Dressed Wrap Dress

A long linen wrap dress is nearly as fancy as a silk one, but better suited to daytime, outdoor, and warmer weather events. A long linen wrap dress is light, bright, and beautiful. These stunning dresses are made in small batches from remnant Marimekko linen; since our supply of this fabric is so limited, we don’t offer custom orders for this style. Wear this dress to an outdoor wedding, pack it as a dressy option when you travel, or wear it to celebrate your graduation, engagement, retirement, divorce, or birthday. We released a new colorway of this dress in July 2019, and a few of our older options are currently on sale.

Linen Maxi Wrap Dress Yana Dee Marimekko New! Yana Dee Maxi Linen Wrap Dress

The Everyday Wrap Dress

A sleeveless, mid length, straight weave wrap dress is the perfect choice for everyday wear. The skirt of this dress is made from woven Organic Cotton, sometimes with Hemp too. For any activity between lounging and labor, this is the dress you need. It is no wonder I spotted two such dresses on my quick jaunt through the Sara Hardy Farmers Market in Traverse City this past weekend. Dresses in this category are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for hot summer days. Plus, they pair great with boots, jackets, and leggings, taking them right into Fall with ease. Some colors come in kids dresses too, making a new set perfect for family photos and other casual yet special occasions.

Fog Ticking Hemp Wrap Dress Midnight Blue Navy Wrap Dress Hemp & Organic Cotton Bluebird Wrap Dress

The Active Wrap Dress

Hemp Wrap DressCavewoman Hemp Wrap DressIf you want to hike, climb, bike, paddle, set up, and tear down in a dress, you need what Yana affectionately calls the “Cavewoman” dress. This basic, fitted, mini one-piece-wonder is the closest you can get to wearing nothing at all on a hot summer day. At $80, this little dress is the most affordable dress you can have custom made by Yana Dee. You will wear it all Summer, every Summer. 

All the Wrap Dresses

I didn't even get into our ruffled wrap dress options, or our lightweight jersey maxi wrap dresses. There are always more wrap dresses to cover! Want to keep browsing all the wrap dresses we have? You can see all our in-stock wrap dresses here, or shop through our custom made options here.

Stay tuned for NEW fleece wrap dresses coming this Fall! We are in the design phase of creating your favorite Winter dress.

Do you love your Yana Dee wrap dress? Let us know in the comments below!




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