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Q: I'm needing recommendations for maternity clothing. So far I'm buying second hand, and trying to wear normal clothes as long as possible.

A: It is great that you are using what you already have! The most sustainable thing to wear is what you already have in your closet. Many Yana Dee Yana Dee’s “normal clothes” are designed so that you can wear them far into pregnancy (and gaining or losing weight for any reason, for that matter.) 

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Maternity fashion can either emphasize and celebrate your growing belly; or, it can work to hide, disguise, or minimize the changes to your body that happen during pregnancy. You will probably feel a time and place for both strategies throughout your pregnancy. Whether a garment emphasizes or disguises the fact that you are pregnant will depend on the design of the piece, your body’s unique proportions, and how you style the garment.

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I’ve compiled a collection of the Yana Dee items that come highest rated for maternity. We have tons of items in stock right now that are perfect for maternity in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In our 2019 Maternity Collection, you’ll find such favorites as:

  • Wrap dresses: adjustable and perfect for nursing
  • Maternity-friendly bridal gowns
  • Circle and square dresses: Celebrating your belly! You might need to “size up” close to your due date; if most your weight gain is from the waist down, you can easily wear the same size square dress or circle dress as always. It will, however, hit your leg a little higher than usual.
  • Empire waist slip on tops and dresses made from stretchy organic fabric, many of which are nursing friendly
  • Adjustable skirts for all styles and seasons

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If you are the type with foresight, I recommend you order at least one custom dress, 2-4 months before your due date. Consider what the weather will be when you are due. Leave Yana a note letting her know this is your “favorite maternity dress”. I suggest a style with a V-neck that crosses in front, if you plan to nurse. A wrap dress is best if you anticipate being able to reach behind your back easily, but a slip-on will work just fine too. Want help picking out the right thing? Just contact us! We’ll consider where you live, your due date, your current measurements, and your style preferences to make a highly personalized maternity clothing recommendation.

Shop the 2019 Yana Dee Maternity Collection Here!

Do you have other ethical maternity fashion tips or resources? Please share them in the comments below!

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