Summer 2020 Visitors Guide for Yana Dee in Downtown Traverse City

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Why visit?

Visiting Downtown Traverse City is a treat, whether you are traveling from across town, or across lake and land to get here. Any time of year, you will find beautiful, charming downtown shopping. One of the most unique stores in Downtown Traverse City is, of course, Yana Dee!

What makes Yana Dee a unique boutique?

First of all, everything we sell is made "in house" right here in Michigan. The quality of materials used is of high importance; you will find only the finest cotton, linen, silk, hemp and other natural fibers in our clothing. Probably the most unique part of shopping here is that you can have clothing custom made for you! We will take your measurements, and help you pick the right color, fabric, and design details to suite your style.

This is try-before-you-buy couture like no other store. If you spend over $50, we'll even ship it to you for free. When you visit Yana Dee, you will likely want to make a wish-list for later. You are not alone! We'll help you find everything online, so you can get more Yana Dee in your closet as soon as you are ready.

Your Downtown Traverse City Plan

Call Ahead

Traverse City businesses have not all fully recovered from Covid-19 closures. Staffing is a challenge right now for us and others. If you are making a special trip to visit a favorite restaurant or store (like Yana Dee), it could be helpful to call ahead. As a manager, I am happy to come in on a day our store is "closed" for a shopping appointment with you, whether you are a new or returning customer. Call me at (231)394-0808. You can also set an appointment online to shop at Yana Dee.

At the time of publishing, Yana Dee is open for walk-in shopping every Thursday-Sunday from 10-6. You don't need an appointment during these times. We hope we can expand drop-in shopping to every day of the week soon.

Have a Parking Plan

Downtwon TC Parking InfoAnother perk of calling ahead: You can reserve the Yana Dee customer parking spot! You can park for free while you shop, and 30 minutes before or after as well. This is especially helpful for you in 2020, because part of Front Street will be closed off to cars from mid June through Labor Day this year. Making two blocks of Downtown TC pedestrian only will give you more room to walk, shop, and eat on our busy block; but it does make parking in front of our store impossible.

For your other Downtown Traverse City parking needs, our local development authority has all the parking maps and information you will need. <-This is a link to Downtown TC Parking Info, or click the logo.

Find Yana Dee

Once you are walking on Front Street, you will find Yana Dee conveniently located very close to Cass Street. Our bright and narrow storefront is right between Mackinaw Brewing Company and Roth T-shirt, across the street from Cherry Republic.

Leave your Hate at Home

You are welcome at Yana Dee regardless of your race, sex, gender, orientation, age, marital status, religion, or political affiliation. And everyone else is welcome too. You must treat all others with kindness and dignity inside our store.

Unfortunately, Traverse City is not free of hate and prejudice. LGBTQ+ SAFE NOMI has a directory of other self declared safe spaces that I encourage you to support.

If you know of other resources that can help Traverse City residents and visitors identify safe businesses to patron, please leave a comment with a link below. I would be especially be interested in linking to and joining any directory of local businesses that also believe Black Lives Matter.

Bring a Mask

In Downtown Traverse City, mask requirements may vary from one week to the next, as well as from each establishment to the other. You should definitely have a mask on hand for when you need it.

Currently we require a mask at Yana Dee when it is too crowded to stay 6 feet from others. We ask that you also wear a mask when entering and leaving our store, and during checkout.

If you don't already have a mask (or want a nicer one), make Yana Dee your first stop! You can even order mask take-out ahead of time.

Treat this planet like you live here

I hope you leave some of your cares at home, but don't get sloppy with things like dog poop, cigarette butts, and plastic. The freshness of the Great Lakes are a huge part of what makes Traverse City and Michigan special. While you are tuning in to Traverse City, visit our upstairs neighbors FLOW (For Love of Water)<-This is a link to the FLOW website, or click the logo. 

Bonus points for bringing a refillable water bottle. There are convenient places to fill up throughout Downtown. Stay hydrated!

Wear your walking shoes

There is so much you can walk to in and around Downtown Traverse City, so don't limit yourself with impractical shoes. I recommend casually strolling to the beach using the pedestrian underpass at Cass. Turn left to tour the Marina. Keep going to explore the open space. Hang left near Hall Street to stop traffic in the crosswalk with flashing lights. Wander through the Warehouse district (you may want to stop for coffee, shopping, or dining). To get back to the heart of downtown, use the foot bridge that takes you past the iconic J & S Hamburger. Wa-la, you are back on Front Street!

Get out of the City

When you are done shopping and eating downtown, I recommend hitting the road. The landscape is beautiful around here! Beaches, hiking, and cute little towns abound nearby. I suggest you save some time to appreciate the nearby outdoors.


Thank you for reading! I look forward to seeing you soon.


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