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If anyone has a good handle on which custom-made clothing items make the best gifts, it's the designer and creator herself! I had a lot of fun talking with Yana to figure out what she wanted to put on this list. She's got good taste. Keep reading for Yana Dee's top 5 custom made gifts for the 2020 Winter Holiday Season. 

1. Fortune Robe

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Spa-like indulgence has never been so safe and sustainable. This robe is an easy fit for anyone who likes to feel good at home. Here are 5 reasons why the Fortune Robe is at the very top of Yana's personal recommendation list:

  1. Inclusivity. This robe is for bodies of every size, age, shape, gender, and ability. Everyone deserves to be cozy and warm in soft fabric.
  2. Self-care for the selfless. This robe is a luxury, so people aren't as likely to have already bought this for themselves... especially if you give it to someone who usually thinks of others first.
  3. The best fleece. The fabric is Hemp & Organic Cotton, which is all natural, vegan, non-irritating, durable... literally no one is going to scoff at the fiber content.
  4. Great colors. Red, Teal, Purple, Black, and Natural are the colors to choose from. There is a color for everyone, but you aren't overwhelmed in options.
  5. It has pockets.

2. Hera Pocket Dress

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This Hemp & Organic Cotton French Terry dress is a custom made exclusive! Yana has been wearing this dress "multiple times a week lately", so she recommends it based on a great deal of personal experience. If you are gifting to someone who appreciates utility, this dress is an easy win. It's an ideal "mom dress" to feel comfortable and ready to go, every day.

3. Quarantine Pocket Joggers

The pocket goes where? Click here to see the options.

We could have just as well called these the Goldilocks pants, because they are the perfect mid weight for year-round wear. The soft French Terry fabric is not too thick, and not too thin. This style is exceptional on any body, and can be made with a custom inseam length for petite or tall. These pants are quite adjustable, so don't stress too much over the size selection.

A fun part of ordering these pants: custom pocket placement! For some colors, you can even select a silk pocket. Super fancy!

4. The Harper Tunic

One for me, and one for you... Click here to add a Harper Tunic (or two) to your cart.

This staff and customer favorite is a must have! If you have been following Yana Dee for a while, you have seen this cozy fleece pocket tunic before. Once an in-stock staple piece, the Harper Tunic is currently a custom made exclusive. This is a great gift for any Yana Dee fan that more recently discovered the brand. The harper tunic is also recommended for anyone who already has and loves it... just get a different color!

5. The Ally Shrug

Are you trying to butter me up? Click here to add the Ally Shrug to your cart.

The Ally Shrug is the Butter Collection's best kept secret! This 95% Organic Cotton "Butter" fabric is so popular for a good reason... it is as soft as butter! (But rest assured, it is vegan.) Many Yana Dee shoppers already have a Butter Bra (or two) and also love the Butter Legging. Well, this custom-made exclusive top is the perfect piece to round out a Yana Dee fan's butter collection. This top is very new, and hasn't been advertised hardly at all... so you you have a really good chance at truly surprising a Yana Dee enthusiast with the hidden gem you found just for them.

That's it. That's the list.

This holiday season, give a beautiful handmade gift that is as unique as your love. Please don't hesitate to contact me with product questions before you decide what to buy. Whether you are concerned about the sizing, or curious about colors, or want to talk through style options, I want to help you! I'm working for hard for warm smiles this gift-giving season.


P.S... Three more things!

1. Order custom items by December 18th for delivery by Christmas. Yana's on it! She's committed to "as fast as possible" custom order turn-around time for the holidays.

2. Don't wait for price drops... they aren't coming to custom made things this year. No upcoming coupons, combos, or promotions apply to any custom made Yana Dee products. We're already offering you the best prices we can on this stuff!

3. If you are looking for even more gift ideas, click here for a current gift idea collection I've been working on. I'll be updating this regularly through the gift giving season!

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