2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Yana Dee Gift Guide 2021 Mother's Day

Keep reading for a list of Yana Dee's Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for 2021. Click the banner above to shop the full gift collection of all 40 runner-ups!

1. A New Heirloom Blanket

This one is great for mothers and children of all ages. Yana Dee's 2021 Patchwork Blankets have have heirloom potential. They were carefully crafted from salvaged and organic cotton. Of the 4 we started with, only two remain. Get one while you can!

2. The Etta Dress

One of Yana Dee's newest dress design is perfect for young parents, grandparents, and other people with bodies who want an easy, go-to summer day dress. The relaxed fit is flattering, the pockets are functional, and the fabric is fabulous.  

3. The Alexandra Duster

Because no gift list would be complete without this all-time favorite outer layer. Soft, warm, pockets, hood, sophisticated, casual. The Alexandra Duster is easy to love.

4. A Bag that won't leave her side.

A salvaged leather shoulder bag or purse makes luxury both practical and ethical. These bags are made to last; we've had customers show off their 6, 8, 10 year old Yana Dee bags that are used often. Each bag is unique! Current favorites: Romeo, Carmilla, and Midnight.

5. A pretty necklace

A special stone necklace has a good shot at lifting any Mother's spirits. All of Yana Dee's necklaces are handmade, one-of-a-kind, natural material works of wearable art. Just holding one of these beauties is empowering. 

6. Hand Dyed Silk

The luxury of real silk is a wonderful treat for the mother that takes care of everyone else first. Either a scarf, or a wrap skirt, will do the trick.

7. Flowers that Last

If you are looking for an easy, gift, you can't go wrong with a pretty flower accessory.

8. A Piece of Piece by Piece

We are freshly stocked up on limited edition spring headbands and scarves. You can get one, or the other, or a Get a set, in Mother's favorite color.

9. Matching Apron & Napkins

We don't mean to assume that mother spends much time in the kitchen, but just in case... we recommend a fresh new aprons & matching napkins.

10. A Yana Dee Gift Card

If you know a mother that already has a lot of Yana Dee, a gift card is the perfect Mother's Day Gift! You know the credit will be appreciated, and you don't have to worry about accidentally buying something they already have. 

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