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Fleece Season is Here!

We knew it was coming sooner or later, and now it is finally time to celebrate Fall in soft, warm fabrics! If you haven't already, you might want to make some room in your closet for bulky fleece and wool. You can do this by clearing out and storing your lightest, brightest, and flowy-est Summer dresses, tops, and skirts for next Spring.

Once you make a little room, you can assess what you have left that you plan to wear this Fall and Winter, and decide what purchases you need to make to stay both comfortable and classy during the cold months to come. To get you started, here's a list of things you want to make sure you have in your wardrobe!

Base Layers

  • Fleece Leggings: Bamboo & Merino Wool Fleece Leggings feel nice anywhere below about 50 degrees, and they become a matter of survival when it drops below freezing. Unless you are spending your whole day in a hot office, don't mess around with lightweight leggings or tights this time of year. Fleece leggings keep you comfortable whether you are biking, shopping at the last outdoor farmers market of the year, relaxing at home, or working in a drafty building. You will want a couple of colors to get you through the Winter.
  • Lighter Leggings: Not every day requires full coverage fleece; sometimes, a mid-weight legging will work just fine. Our "other" favorite leggings right now are the patchwork ones. They are fun, original, and in colors that are super easy to match with.
  • Bralette Crop Top: Since it isn't spaghetti strap season anymore, there's no reason to wear a bra that is wimpy, thin, or revealing. Wear a Hemp Bra Crop Top thing as your base layer, and you can strip down to it if you get too warm, because it has excellent coverage (for a crop top). This top works under just about any Fall or Winter outfit. It is especially indispensable under a loose knit sweater. 
  • More Bamboo & Merino Wool Fleece: You need a top to coordinate with those fleece leggings! You can go sleeveless to layer, or long sleeve for more warmth and coverage.



The Main Attraction

  • Warm Skirts: Whether you opt for a Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece Pocket Skirt, or a one of a kind Upcycled Wool Sweater Skirt, now is the time to focus on keeping your tush warm. Most Yana Dee Fall & Winter skirts are on the shorter side, so they are easy to style with leggings and boots. If you want something super fresh, try our 100% Bamboo Fleece Circle Skirt, which is new in 2019!
  • Top it off: The Alex Shrug is the perfect sweater layer. It is loved by women of many ages, shapes, sizes, and styles. 
  • One-Piece-Wonder: If you aren't into thinking about matching tops and bottoms, a warm dress or tunic will save you time and keep you stylish just the same. Our favorite new warm dress is a Bamboo Fleece Wrap Dress. The best Winter dresses we are continuing from last year are the Natalie Dress, and the Harper Tunic.




Outer Layers

  • Coat like things: Bamboo Fleece Ramona Wraps are a long-standing Yana Dee staple for good reason; it's like wearing a blanket but it looks way better. If you want something to be a little more active in, try the long Hemp Fleece Zip Coat (with pockets!)
  • Accessories: Load 'em up, buttercup! Make your life easy, and get a coordinated Winter set that includes a scarf, hat, arm warmers, headband, and neck warmer. We are happy to help you pick out a cohesive set.



Just Curl Up & Thrive

  • Bamboo Fleece Lounge Set: At the end of the day, you deserve to relax in comfort! With super soft Lounge Pants and Long Sleeve Top, you don't have to crank up the heat to stay warm and cozy.
  • Bamboo Fleece Blanket: New to 2019, a blanket is perfect to cuddle up under (alone or with a loved one, indoors or outside).



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