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The finest special occasion attire always features at least a touch of Silk.

Types of Silk

Google lists over 45 different types of fabric silk can be made into. Household terms you may be familiar with that describe silk fabrics include velvet, charmeuse, sateen, chiffon, gauze, and crepe. If you are a silk connoisseur, you may be familiar with silk Damask, or silk Georgette. Since there are so many different fabrics one could make with silk fibers, I’m going to focus on describing the one type of silk we buy in bulk, which is charmeuse. If you haven’t taken Textiles 101 yet in your life, you probably don’t know how charmeuse is different than other silk fabrics.

What is Charmeuse?

Basically, charmeuse is a fabric that is shiny on one side, and dull on the other. This effect is achieved by a specific weaving technique involving the warp/weft ratio. This technique can be used with polyester, silk, or other fiber blends. The silk we buy in bulk for Yana Dee apparel is Hemp Silk Charmeuse. Depending on who’s making this fabric, the content of Hemp Silk Charmeuse ranges from 60-70% Hemp, and 30-40% Silk.

What makes Hemp Silk Charmeuse Extra-Special?

Hemp and silk together create a unique charmeuse. Silk is such a fine fiber, and hemp is a usually rough fiber, so the combination results in a charmeuse that features a particularly extreme distinction between the shiny and dull sides. Hemp Silk Charmeuse is totally dressy on the silky side, and very matte on the reverse. These contrasting textures are considered whenever we make a Hemp Silk Charmeuse wrap skirt; the finishing is done such as to make these skirts reversible, so you can wear either side of the charmeuse outward, depending on the occasion.

In addition to the distinct textures, Hemp Silk Charmeuse has a noticeable weight compared to most other silk fabrics. It is a lightweight and breathable fabric, but is on the thick and heavy side of similar fabrics. Even the “Natural” color of Hemp Silk Charmeuse offers substantial coverage. This means that if you get a wedding dress from Yana Dee that features a Hemp Silk Charmeuse skirt, a slip or tights are optional. The right color underwear is all you need for undergarments; the best panties will match your booty skin tone.

If You Find Silk Waste, Salvage It!

Silk has long been prized as one of the worlds finest fabric. Nothing mankind has concocted comes close to the strength and softness of silk. Silk is even surprisingly insulating; have you ever noticed how the finest wool coats and pants are always lined with silk? When Yana or I notice affordable clean silk in the waste stream, we usually acquire it. Since silk is all natural, it can be composted; but this precious fabric shouldn’t be cycled through the chain of life until it is dirty and torn.

Small pieces of silk are perfect for crafty projects like button flowers, DIY eye pillows, and braiding ribbons into hair. Mid-sized pieces of silk can be used as they are found (oftentimes, in the form of sassy jammies 😉) or made into something simple, like a scarf or a pillowcase. Of course, very large pieces of silk fabric hold the most potential.

We love finding yardage of remnant silk to salvage. We use salvaged silk to make limited edition dresses and skirts. My favorite in-stock salvaged silk items are black & white infinity dresses, and black velvet wrap skirts (what a holiday classic). Many of our salvaged silk items are so limited, they never end up pictured on our website. You have to be in the know to find them; lucky you read this far, so now you know to inquire if interested!

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Blog by Abby Rose, Yana Dee Sales Manager 

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