Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Watermelon Coat (M)
Kantha Quilt

Watermelon Coat (M)

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This one-of-a-kind coat is as yummy as a summer picnic under a bright blue sky! Just like a watermelon, the Watermelon Coat has a very distinct inside vs. outside pallet. You'll love brightening up your outfits with this fun coat!

  • Open front coat
  • Collar you can pop
  • Long sleeves you can roll (~20" inseam)
  • Two deep front/side pockets (~10.5" deep)
  • Total coat length ~34"


This one of a kind coat is sized M. This size will fit up to ~40" bust.


This patterned patchwork coat is light Lime Green & Blue on the outside, and sweet Pink on the inside. There's other colors here and there too. It's a colorful coat.


This coat is made from one of a kind Kantha Quilts. This unique, upcycled fabric is hand stitched together in India from three separate layers of lightweight vintage cotton saris. The resulting material is gorgeous, sustainable, and as original as you are! Please note, this salvaged material may not be flawless.

How it's made

This coat was constructed in Traverse City, Michigan USA from sustainably sourced materials. Yana and her team carefully constructed every item in our fair wage, low-waste production studio.


Machine or Hand Wash Cold Delicate, Hang or Lay Flat to Dry.

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