Swirl & Jasper Necklace
Swirl & Jasper Necklace

Swirl & Jasper Necklace

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This beaded necklace was handmade with love and care. With beautiful circular jasper stone beads and unique swirled marble beads, this piece is elegant and functional for special occasions. 
  • One size fits most. Total length between 20 and 21 inches.
  • Toggle Clasp
  • Beads: Jasper
  • Hardware: Various metal. Contact us before ordering with allergy concerns.

Necklace Care

This necklace is built to last, but also completely destructible. Always handle with care.
Wear: Careful with your purse strap, scarf, seat belt, and anything or anyone else that might grab your necklace. 
Contact: Avoid touching this necklace to chemicals, rough surfaces, or blunt force.
Storage for frequent wear: Hang out of direct sunlight, taking care that your necklaces don't bump together.
Extended storage: Wrap individually in soft fabric, and place carefully in a solid box or drawer.
Cleaning: Avoid chemical detergents. Spot clean as needed with a soft cloth. On a rare occasion, it is okay to give your necklace a quick bath in warm water with a drop of mild dish soap. Dry with a soft cloth and allow to air dry fully before extended storage. 

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