Granny Market Bag
Granny Market Bag
Granny Market Bag
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Granny Market Bag

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This zero-waste market bag is fully lined and carefully constructed, for lasting durability and strength. Even the straps reinforced to be sturdy! Pack this bag with books, potatoes, snacks, computers, water, or whatever else you need to carry around today. This shoulder tote bag perfect for shopping trips, day trips, and even trips from one room to another when busy-bodying at home! You will basically want to bring this bag with you everywhere you go.

  • 6 total pockets (3 inside, 3 outside)
  • Outside pockets are ~8.5" x 7.5"
  • Inside pockets are ~7.5" x 7" 
  • Bag body ~15" x 19"
  • Two wide shoulder straps are ~33" each.


Green, More Green, Off-White, Offer-White, colors between Offer-White and Green, and Brown. This bag features bold patterns, solid colors, and maybe some flecks or stripes too. These upcycled patchwork bags are made in small batches, and each one is unique. The colors in your bag will be the same as the bag pictured, but the patches will be arranged differently.


Made from salvaged material, including both off-cuts of Hemp & Organic Cotton Canvas and assorted scavenged scrap materials. Fibers may include Hemp, Organic Cotton, Salvaged Cotton, Linen, and/or other material.


Machine or Hand Wash Cold Delicate, Hang or Lay Flat to Dry.

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