The Ethics of Yana Dee Ethical Apparel

We take our proclamation to produce ethical apparel very seriously. In every business decision we make, we take into consideration not just aesthetics and profits, but also the social and environmental impact. The consequences of our actions affects the world around us, and we strive to be a force of positivity on this planet.

Yana Dee Ethical Apparel is Made in Michigan with the triple bottom line in mind: People, planet, and profits. Every business considers profits, but what happens when a clothing production & sales company also considers people and the planet when making decisions? Spoiler alert... really good things!


There are many reasons to be thoughtful about the kinds of fabrics we wear on our bodies.

Personal comfort and health are important; and natural, organic fibers are non irritating, breathable, easy to clean, and just feel the best.

Washing of synthetic fabrics releases microplastic into our fresh water supply on this planet. Natural materials can break down in nature and are even compostable at home. What happens when you throw your clothes away, or Goodwill has too many donations and can't sell them all?

The lives of the people that labor to produce textiles are important. It is safer for workers to produce natural, organic fibers, than it is to produce synthetic material, or natural materials grown with more pesticides and herbicides then necessary. Dyes, pesticides, microplastic, and other unfortunate byproducts of the textile industry can also be harmful for everyone from seamstresses, to shop keeps, to the end wearer. By choosing to use only the finest natural fibers, we are protecting workers and wearers worldwide.

Support Workers

We strive to support other businesses that treat their workers fairly. We are proud to provide all of our regular employees living wages. Our sales and sewing teams are at the heart of our success as a business, and we want them to be able to afford comfortable, healthy lives. We are constantly working to improve our employee benefits, wages, and opportunities.

Design With Love for Bodies

Yana Dee's design philosophy is body positive, responsive design. We make clothes we love to wear. We put pockets where they fit. We make basic, classic, comfortable, versatile clothes. Some sections may seem like slim pickings in the first glance (formal wear and pajamas, for example.) But this is because you don't need hundreds or even dozens of pieces to choose from, you only need one or two things that work. This curated selection of designs is years in the making! Designs have been created, revised, eliminated, and have evolved to their current selection. We hope you enjoy following us and learning the satisfying pace of slow fashion.

Micro Green Decisions

Small things add up. We take the time and money to research and invest in business products that are the best available option for the planet.

  • Recycled paper shopping bags
  • Recycled polymer mailers
  • Recycled or responsible forestry cardstock, copy paper, toilet paper, and all other paper products
  • Green cleaning products
  • Reduce and reuse: scratch paper, fabric scraps, fabric yarn, price tags

Shop Local

We support locally owned businesses and regionally grown food at home and when we travel. We believe in keeping it local for so many reasons! But mostly it just tastes better.