Salvaged Leather Purse - Saddle Color - Yana Dee
Salvaged Leather Purse - Saddle Color - Yana Dee
Salvaged Leather Purse - Saddle Color - Yana Dee
Salvaged Leather Purse - Saddle Color - Yana Dee

Salvaged Leather Purse - Saddle Color

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These stunning handmade leather purses are timeless, which is perfect because they are also very durable. Made from leather that was salvaged as scraps on the way to a dumpster, this is as ethical as a leather bag can be. This rescued scrap leather features many unique markings and "raw" edges; each bag is uniquely pieced together and sewn by Yana Dee herself, so no two bags are just alike. 

  • Pockets: Most bags have one inside front pocket and one outside back pocket.
  • Wide Straps: widest at your shoulder, to provides ultimate comfort for you, and a healthy distribution of weight so the strap won't give out either.
  • Cross-Body Design: Strap length is perfect for wearing across your body or just over one shoulder. 
  • Sturdy Storage: This thick leather wants to be used, and will soften over time. As the gussets push out, the capacity increases. Never worry about a pen poking through!


Select a "Bag ID Number" from the drop-down menu to pull up a picture of that specific bag (if available). Scroll down for a list of what bags are currently pictured, and descriptions of select bags.


Specific dimension vary by bag, so the measurements listed here are averages to give you an idea of the approximate bag size. See "Specific Bag Notes" below for more information about each bag, including relative size.

  • Strap width: 1-4"
  • Strap length: 44"
  • Bag width: 8-10"
  • Bag height: 9-11"
  • Bag width: 1.5-2.5"


Saddle color is a light brown with warm redish or orange tones


Made from salvaged leather. This leather is both sturdy and ethical, and features many unique markings and interesting, irregular edges. By purchasing this bag, you help keep usable material out of landfills.

Specific Bag Notes

#001 - Not yet pictured. A relatively smaller purse. Beautiful edges on the back pocket and under the flap are reminiscent of a mountain range. 3 tier front flap.

#002 (Pictured) - A relatively smaller purse. No back pocket. Simple and unique with no noteworthy markings.

#003 - Not yet pictured. A relatively smaller purse. Unique strap is narrower than most, with leather that overlaps in two layers over the shoulder for added support. A particularly sleek purse.

#004 - Not yet pictured. A relatively larger purse. Extra-wide and irregular strap. Solid front flap with very distinct "C11" branding.

#005 (Pictured) - A relatively larger purse. Consistently wide strap. Interesting pucker marks on back pocket. 

#006 - #018 - Not yet pictured

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