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Repair or Alteration

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Repair & Alteration Information 

If there is any question about the cost of feasibility of an alteration or repair, contact management at Yana Dee Ethical Apparel before payment is made, and before the garment is mailed to or left at the store. 

  • Turnaround time is 4 weeks.
  • Repairs and alterations must be paid in full before Yana Dee Ethical Apparel will take possession of the affected garment(s).
  • We only repair and alter original Yana Dee items. Garments not sewn and sold by Yana and her team are excluded from our repair & alteration services.
  • For alterations of new items, first consider placing a custom order for a new garment, made to your specifications. This is usually more cost-efficient and just as timely.
  • Alterations must be requested within 30 days of an item purchase date.
  • For repairs and alterations, please consider utilizing a local repair or alteration service. This may be more realistic, effective, timely, and/or cost efficient.
  • Shipping and handling fees are additional, starting at $5 for in-store pickup.

    Common Repairs & Alterations - $25

    The following repairs and alterations are the most common, easy, and feasible to do. They do not need any further approval before payment is taken and the garment is mailed to or dropped off at the store.

    • Shortening a skirt, dress, or sleeve length
    • Shortening spaghetti straps
    • Adjusting a wrap skirt to fit a smaller waist
    • Patching over a hole or stain (usually with a coordinating color heart)
    • Repairing a ripped seam

    Complimentary Repairs & Alterations - $0

    We stand behind our products, so the following repairs are always complimentary.

    • Snap replacement
    • Drawstring replacement
    • Items purchased within the past 30 days, unworn, unwashed, and found to be damaged at the time of purchase (Sale items excluded; garment inspection is required before processing)

    Conditional Repairs & Alterations - $TBD

    The following repairs are more complicated. These may be complimentary, or subject to additional fees. Feasibility approval from Yana, and price approval from management, are needed on a case-by-case basis for the following repairs & alterations.

    • Adding any material (other than a patch). This includes:
      • Adding a ruffle
      • Adding a bell sleeve
      • Making a dress or skirt longer
      • Making an item bigger
      • Adding a drawstring or changing closure
    • Repairing once or twice worn and washed items that have become damaged. Sometimes this is an error in construction, sometimes this is from improper care or rough wear.

    Excluded Alterations - Not Possible

    The following repairs and alterations are not possible. 

    • "Flattening" the shoulders of a straight weave dress
    • "Flattening" the pocket of a straight weave pocket skirt
    • Shortening a zipper

    Please Contact with Any Questions!

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