Smokeshow Quartz Necklace
Smokeshow Quartz Necklace
Smokeshow Quartz Necklace
Smokeshow Quartz Necklace
Smokeshow Quartz Necklace
Smokeshow Quartz Necklace

Smokeshow Quartz Necklace

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Fiery, smokey, and elegant. The smokeshow necklace is a standout yet classic piece guaranteed to garner many compliments. 

This handmade and one of a kind necklace is meant to make the wearer feel confident and classy, wherever you choose to wear it. Pair it with a fancy black silk gown for the perfect special occasion outfit or with just about anything else you want to spice up a little! 


This one of a kind, original necklace was handmade by jewelry designer Yana Dee in 2020.


One size fits most. Total length between 20 and 21 inches.


Toggle Clasp.


Yana Dee hand selects all jewelry materials for longevity, outstanding beauty, and natural qualities. 
Beads: The main feature of this necklace is smokey quartz. The large feature beads are spaced by smaller gray toned stonesEach bead is uniquely patterned with a range of nude, gray, and smokey tones.

Hardware: Various metal. Contact us before ordering with allergy concerns.

Necklace Care

This necklace is built to last, but also completely destructible. Always handle with care.

Wear: Careful with your purse strap, scarf, seat belt, and anything or anyone else that might grab your necklace. 

Contact: Avoid touching this necklace to chemicals, rough surfaces, or blunt force.

Storage for frequent wear: Hang out of direct sunlight, taking care that your necklaces don't bump together.

Extended storage: Wrap individually in soft fabric, and place carefully in a solid box or drawer.

Cleaning: Avoid chemical detergents. Spot clean as needed with a soft cloth. On a rare occasion, it is okay to give your necklace a quick bath in warm water with a drop of mild dish soap. Dry with a soft cloth and allow to air dry fully before extended storage. 

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