Red Bubble Craft Fabric Bundle
Marimekko Linen

Red Bubble Craft Fabric Bundle

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What will you make from these beautiful pieces of fabric? These off-cuts from Yana Dee's studio are perfect for making quilts, pillows, dolls, patchwork clothing, patches, and sew much more! If you have a passion for art, crafting, home decorating, or fashion design, you will love to get your hands on one of these bundles.

  • Bundle weight is over 1 lb each
  • Size and shape of fabric scraps varies wildly
  • 100% Linen, this woven fabric is from Finnish designer Marimekko. 

    Red Bubble

    The selvage of this fabric is dated 2011 and named "Tunturipöllö", which appears to be the finish word for Snowy Owl. The range of this beautiful Arctic dwelling bird includes both Finland and Northern Michigan. Although beautifully speckled, I honestly don't see a strong resemblance between the bird and the print.

    Care Instructions

    Finish edges before use or wash. Cold wash/hang dry usually works, unless the finished product is mixed media.

    (Scroll down for information about kids sizes and accessory sizes.)
    Contact us before ordering for personalized sizing advice. 

    Adult Sizes

    Every body changes with time, and you will find that most Yana Dee clothing is way more versatile that what you are used to. These clothes will still fit well, even as you gain or lose a few pounds. Stretchy waistbands, wrap or faux-wrap styles, and contoured patterns help Yana Dee designs easily fit many different bodies, throughout life changes. 

    Pro Tips on Adult Size Selection

    • Use your measurements, in inches, to find your Yana Dee size. It doesn't matter what your bra size is, or what size you wear in other brands.
    • Only pay attention to the measurements that are relevant to the item you are considering. For example, don't worry about your bust measurement when ordering a skirt. 
    • Wrap, faux-wrap, and circle skirts and dresses can accommodate just about any hip or stomach measurement (including maternity).

    Stock Adult Sizes: Additional Information

    Stock Yana Dee clothing is ready to ship from our store in Traverse City. Yana Dee sizes are typically generous and versatile. If you "usually" wear a size XL, for example a size M/L or L will likely work for you for many items. The more "fitted" a Yana Dee item is designed to be, the more sizes we offer in stock. Bras, underwear, and many leggings are stocked in sizes XS-XL. Looser fit, wrap, and flowing items are usually available in size S/M and M/L. Moderately fitted items are usually available in size S, M, and L. We do our best to keep our size consistent from product to product, but the truth is, different styles fit differently. You are encouraged to contact us before ordering to learn more about how a particular design fits in each size. We have all the products and a measuring tape right in front of us, so we can figure out together if the item you are looking at on our website will work for you in person. .

    Custom Adult Sizes

    Some Yana Dee products are "Custom Made". This means the item doesn't exist until you order it! Even if you order a standard size, Yana will pull down the bolt of fabric in the color you choose, and cut out your dress, top, or skirt, just for you. This gives you a unique opportunity to have your clothing item made just the way you like it, to your unique proportions. Instead of picking a standard size, you might as well get out a measuring tape and provide your exact measurements! We can also add up to 4" to the length of most pieces free of charge, and are happy to take inches off as well. Maybe you have longer than average arms. Maybe you have a shorter torso and longer legs. Maybe you like your tops with extra waist coverage. Whatever your adjustment is, just leave a note to the item before you add it to your shopping cart. Always send a message before ordering if you have questions about adjustments!

    Kid Sizes

    Age graded sizing

    Yana Dee kids sizes are based on age, and do not have a correlation to the "T" other brand use. Just like adult clothing, kids sizes are generous and versatile. Many kids items have more specific measurements right on the product page, to help you size appropriately.

    • 0-6 Months: Select kids items are available in this small size. Very small people pants.
    • 6-18 Months: Our smallest dress size, this may fit anywhere from 2 months up to 2 years or so. 
    • 1-2 Years: Many smaller people still wear this size at age 3.
    • 3-5 Years: The most popular size, this dress fits lots of kids!
    • 6-8 Years: Likely to work for slightly younger or older kids too.
    • Juniors: The largest "kid" size. Many XS/Petite adults have found lovely dresses from this department! When the Junior size is too small, it's time to start shopping in the adult department. 

    Accessory Sizes

    Unless otherwise specified, accessories are "one size fits most adults."

    We usually put at least one measurement in each accessory product listing, to give you an approximate idea of how big the item is.

    Some accessories (like hats) are recommended for either babies, kids, or adults. If a product is designed for a specific age demographic, this information will be in product title, just above the product price.

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