$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
$5 Treasure - Handmade Organic Clothing
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$5 Treasure

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Contact us before ordering to be sure the item you have your eye on is still available; or if you are flexible, just leave a note with a few options that would work for you.

Treasure items are considered sale items, so there are no exchanges, returns, or refunds on these products. Items may have flaws.

Assorted Headbands

50% off assorted organic & salvaged headbands! All one-of-a-kind, discontinued, or "last one left" headbands. They are reversible front-to-back, so can be worn with either fabric showing. The solid, stretchy color can be spread out to about 6", for more coverage and fly-away control. This feature is great for gardening, yoga, running, and other activities.

  • Approximately 10" long
  • Approximately 2" wide
  • Stretches for a versatile fit
  • One side is made from organic or salvaged straight-weave fabric, usually cotton or linen.
  • Other side is Bamboo or Soy & Organic Cotton Lightweight Jersey with 3-5% spandex.

Lightweight Fabric Circles

These paper towel substitutes are are perfect for DIY cleaning wipes, travel napkins, studio dusters, and baby burp clothes. This is the great affordable stocking stuffer for new moms, and zero-waste households.

  • 8 Count
  • 6-8" Diameter
  • Assorted Colors (specify preferences in "notes")
  • Made from Bamboo or Soy and Organic Cotton Jersey with 3-5% Spandex. This lightweight fabric is soft & stretchy. 

French Terry Fabric Squares

These are heavier-duty paper towel substitutes, great for wetter, dirtier jobs. They make great baby wipes, dish rags, or camping napkins. This is a perfect gift for plastic free households and new parents. Bring pleasure to cleaning with these super soft, absorbent, washable organic fabric squares.

  • 2 Count
  • Specify Black, Purple or Brown in "Notes"
  • Approximately 10"x10"
  • Made from Soy & Organic Cotton French Terry. This stretchy, mid-weight fabric is buttery soft on one side, with a slight terry texture on the other. Contains 5% spandex.

    Braided Edging Belt

    These braids can be used for belts, costumes, decorations, puppy tug-of-war, or for crafts. All one-of-a-kind!

    • Assorted colors
    • Some have "fringe" ends
    • Total length varies from approximately 30-50"
    • Leave a "Note" with selection preference. Contact us before ordering if you want one in particular, since they are all unique!

    Miscellaneous Treasure

    Assorted odds-and-ends! Contact us before ordering if you want an item in particular. You can also leave a "note" with preferences, or a description of who you are gifting this to, and we'll pick something out for you! Selection may include: 

    • Fringe Belts
    • Dog Chew Toys
    • Key-chains
    • Jewelry
    • Mini fabric yarn balls
    • Fancy assorted fabric scraps

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