The Products

Design philosophy 

In design and production, we strive for:

  • Low waste (in both cutting patterns and using "scraps")
  • Versatility (there is no separate maternity/nursing lines because most things work for all stages of life)
  • Comfortable fit and fabrics (Organic and natural fibers, stretchy fabric).
  • Flattering designs
  • Timeless styles
  • Constantly improving designs, adding and innovating styles

The Materials we use matter

We use only organic cotton, because we care about people and the planet. Organically produced cotton means that everyone from farmers, to millers, to our own studio staff aren't exposed to toxic chemicals to make your clothes. We love Hemp, because it is durable, washable, mildew resistant, and is a hardy plant that doesn't require as much water, fertilizers, and other inputs as other fiber crops. We love to incorporate salvaged materials, like leather, vintage cotton, and old keys and buttons into our clothing and accessories.