Upcoming Yana Dee Events

~~~September 7-9: Wheatland Music Festival~~~

A longstanding Michigan Music Festival, near Remus MI. Click Here for more information about this festival! Among other talented vendors, shop Yana Dee Ethical Apparel. All items are designed by Yana and handmade with her small team in Traverse City Michigan. Look forward to:

  • Summer & Fall dresses for all sizes and styles
  • Capes! For kids and kids at heart.
  • Choice Hemp Fleece items for cool Summer nights and Fall
  • Great sale items
  • FIRST APPEARANCE of leggings and pants at the booth!
  • NEW Bamboo & Organic Cotton French Terry robes & crop tops
  • Upcycled Sweater Skirts
  • Kids dresses, skirts, and DRESS COATS!
  • Salvaged leather purses and market bags
  • Accessories galore

~~~September 21-23: Earthwork Harvest Gathering~~~

This fall festival is a family favorite. It takes place at the Earthwork Farm in Lake City, MI. Click Here for more information about this festival! You can find us right next to the Little House, overlooking Cedar Stage. Look forward to:

  • Fall and Winter dresses
  • The new Hemp Fleece Collection
  • Scarves, capes, and robes
  • Sweater Skirts
  • Bin and sale items :)
  • Kids stuff! Capes, skirts, dresses, and dress coats!

~~~October 18-21: LEAF Festival~~~

See you in Black Mountain, North Carolina! We love driving south in October. Click Here for more information about this festival! Find us Lakeside to shop:

    • One of a kind dresses as skirts for kids and adults
    • Choice Hemp Fleece items for Fall
    • For the first time at LEAF: Leggings and pants!
    • French Terry, Bamboo Fleece, Merino Wool, and other fine fabrics for cooling weather
    • Classic dresses, skirts, and tops for adults
    • Kids clothes
    • Accessories