Call for Yana Dee Wedding Photos // 12.22.2019 - 1.22.2020

Submit photos featuring Yana Dee products at a wedding for a chance to win a Yana Dee Gift Card!

  • Share photo from your wedding, or a friends wedding, or a family member's wedding, of anyone wearing any of the following items made by Yana Dee:
    • Wedding dress
    • Bridesmaid dress
    • Best Woman dress
    • Flower Girl dress
    • Mother of the Bride or Groom dress
    • Wedding Guest dress
  • Submit photos to: info@yanadee.com.
    • Single files can be attached to emails.
    • Multiple photos can be shared through google drive.
    • Contact us before sharing for technical assistance
  • Only photos approved for commercial use should be submitted
    • By sending photos, you agree that they may be used by Yana Dee Inc for newsletters, product listings, Instagram, Facebook, print ads, and/or other advertising & promotional material
    • Please contact everyone in the photo and/or your professional photographer before submitting photos.
    special events happening at Yana Dee in Downtown Traverse City