Winter Capsule Wardrobe

This collection is a dream minimalist wardrobe for the next three months. Compiled in Michigan in early November 2018, this is a cold weather capsule wardrobe designed for climates with ice and snow. If you live in a location with extended winter weather, these 33 items are for you! A vital part of surviving winter is staying active, so this collection includes some great outdoor base layers that are perfect for cross-country skiing, winter running, snowshoeing, or walking through a blizzard to see a movie downtown. I know that in just about every faith and community, winter holidays and parties are something to dress up for. So I didn't forget to feature some silk!

I've featured many items that have high seasonal crossover power, meaning you will wear them well into Spring, and they will start getting pulled out from the back of your closet at the very first sign of Fall. These layers adjust to different temperatures; just add or subtract leggings as needed!

I like simplicity, versatility, comfort, and I also like color! These items are all available in a basic black, gray, and/or off-white, but don't be afraid to add some saturation! Our fabric is dyed with stable, low-impact dyes, so they are soft on the environment, but the colors don't soften in the wash.

Many of these items are in stock. You will receive ready to ship items up to 4 weeks sooner than custom made items, and oftentimes our in stock items have a lower price-tag than a custom made counterpart. We want you to wear your Yana Dee items often, so if we don't have the size or color that you want, a custom order would be perfect for you. Don't hesitate to contact us before ordering if you have any questions! Just click "Contact Us" at the very top of the page. -Abby Rose, Shop Manager