S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts - Yana Dee
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S Chunky Wool Sweater Skirts

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Scoop up your favorite one-of-a-kind upcycled wool sweater skirt while you can! These skirts are all chunky, warm, and cozy. Some have patterns, some are solid; some are short miniskirts, some are past the knee. We have other sizes and styles in stock too! Each skirt features a wide band that can be worn high and flat, or folded over to adjust the length and feel of the skirt. Perfect over leggings and boots, these skirts are sure to keep you warm whether at work or play. 

  • Upcycled wool sweater skirt
  • Individual skirts vary in length and shape varies. See images & descriptions below to find your favorite.
  • Ready to ship in versatile size S. This size fits a 22-26" waist and 31-35" hips.


Skirt Fabric: Made from upcycled sweaters we have salvaged. We harvest a large number of sweaters for our upcycled wool product line, and it is impossible for us to track the fiber content of each salvaged wool product. Rest assured, we do read labels and are looking for the best real wool fiber content we can find! Read skirt descriptions for more information. "Classic" means it is all or mostly real wool, such as lambswool, angora, merino, shetland, cashmere, mohair etc. "Blend" means it probably contains a significant amount of cotton, acrylic, and/or polyester.
Band: Made from soft and stretchy Bamboo or Soy and Organic Cotton or Hemp & Organic Cotton Lycra. Four-way stretch for a versatile, comfortable fit.

Care Instructions

Machine or Hand Wash Cold Delicate, Lay Flat to Reshape and Dry

Individual Skirt Details

Baby Blues: 21" total length. Patchwork of Blues, Grays, and Sandy Shades. Reversible front to back, for multiple wearing options. Assorted mid weight, featuring cashmere.

Snowflake: 32" total length. Extra long Cream color skirt with Navy flecks throughout and Navy snowflake motif on bottom half. Extra chunky, classic wool.

Adobe: 20" total length. Miniskirt with warm, natural squares of color on front and solid Heather Gray on back. Variation in color blocks are not patches, this is all from one sweater! Classic mid weight wool.

Best of the '80's: 24" total length. This was probably an ugly sweater but it makes an awesome skirt! Cool patterns of Red, Yellow, Green, Gray, Blue, White, and Burgundy on a Navy background. Chunky wool blend.

Neon Lights: 24" total length. Bright geometric patterns on a Charcoal background. 6 Buttons up the front. Solid Charcoal back. Classic chunky wool.

Black & White: 24" total length. Horizontal stripes blend together for a static affect. Chunky wool blend.

Blue Team: 21" total length. Blue skirt with gray stripe detail towards top. This skirt reminds us of an old-school sports jersey. Mid weight wool blend.

Navy Fleck: 21" total length. Navy Blue with Gray flecks, solid Navy towards top. Chunky wool blend.

Wine About It: 19" total length. Solid color skirt of a very deep, rich, blood red. Mid weight classic wool.

Prep Club: 18" total length. More of a true XS. Navy Blue base with argyle pattern on front. Classic chunky felted wool.

Hunter Chic: 22" total length. Solid bright Orangish Red. Classic chunky wool.

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